How Much Do You Know About Naps

Taking a nap is very important for us. Sometimes without a rest in the middle of the day, we will have a trance and low work efficiency all afternoon. Here’s a look at the benefits of taking a nap:

1. Stabilize blood pressure and protect the heart. Napping relaxes the cardiovascular system and helps stabilize blood pressure.
2. Promote the secretion of tears, eye – pleasing. Moisten the dry eyeballs after working for a long time.
Improve your memory. Napping can not only eliminate fatigue, but also make the mind more agile, enhance memory.

Generally speaking, the best time to take a nap should choose half an hour or so after lunch, the period of time between 12 o ‘clock and 15 o ‘clock, and sleep 20-30 minutes is appropriate. Nap had better not exceed 30 minutes, morpheus time is too long easy to fall into deep morpheus, can affect the morpheus of the night instead, this must notice. Otherwise, waking up will be uncomfortable, and taking a long nap will disturb the biological clock, affecting the pattern of sleep at night.


The time of nap had better control in half hour less, if sleep is better to the body of course, cannot sleep close the eye to repose a 20 minutes also can achieve the result that rests. Nap time should not be too long, experts related research shows, nap time more than an hour or even two or three hours, not only to rest the effect will affect health. First of all, taking a nap for too long will affect the quality of sleep at night, may lead to insomnia, dream. Secondly, too much time off will affect people’s spirit, a long nap will reduce people’s reaction, not easy to several kinds of spirit.

After taking a nap easy fatigue crowd should shorten the nap time to nap after taking a nap but more easily tired crowd, the proposal shortens the nap time appropriately, make your nap did not enter short wave sleep stage, because the person is in short wave sleep stage relatively difficult to wake up. In such people, naps are limited to 10 to 15 minutes, a length that allows people to experience stage 2 sleep, which is important for memory and health.