How Much Do You Know About Spinach?

Food taboos:
Infants and lack of calcium, rickets, tuberculosis, kidney stones, diarrhea people should not eat raw spinach.
Although spinach contains iron content very tall, but its can interfere with the absorption of zinc and calcium, so unfavorable is pure use it to fill iron to enrich blood, especially unfavorable give the child eats more.


How to purchase, store and eat:
The freshness of green leafy vegetables can greatly affect their taste and nutritional value, so choose spinach with dark green and shiny leaves that are pointed and fully spread. Whether the root of the vegetable is fresh and refreshing is also one of the key points to pay attention to. If the leaves turn yellow, black, soft or shriveled, and the stems are damaged, it is best not to buy such vegetables.

Because vitamin C is lost over time, eat spinach as early as possible. To prevent it from drying, it should be wrapped in wet paper into plastic bags or plastic wrap in the refrigerator, generally within 2 days to eat spinach can ensure the freshness.


Remove dirt roots, wash with water, cut into small pieces, eat raw or cook with other vegetables; Hot water can also be used to iron out, and then with other vegetables, meat, eggs or soy products cooked together.