How Much Does It Cost To Train A Child In Japan From Birth To College?

According to the “Nikkei Business News” website reported on July 9, in Japan, housing, pension funds and children’s education fees are called “the three major expenditures of life.” According to a recent survey by Sony Life Insurance, more than 60% of parents in Japan believe that spending on education determines their academic performance and final academic qualifications. On the other hand, nearly 70% of parents report that “the burden of education is heavier”.

According to the report, in Japan, from the perspective of allowing children to receive public education from kindergarten to university, the total cost is about 10.81 million yen . If all the private schools are selected, if the university chooses liberal arts, it is roughly 25.03 million yen , and the science will be even higher, about 25.99 million yen .It can be found that all public schools can save up to about 15 million yen .

In addition to the tuition fees for school education, the above-mentioned education fees include the cost of education or activities outside the school such as tutoring classes and interest classes. In Japan, if it is a public school, there will not be much difference from the curriculum to the professor’s content. Therefore, if you want your child to be a better person and get a better high school or a famous university, many children will have a cram after class.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Child Learning Fee Survey” (2016) shows that the proportion of students in the Japanese high school and junior high school tuition classes is as high as 38% and 80%, respectively, while the average high school students spend an average of 30% per year. It reached 106,000 yen. According to the data of Sony Life Insurance, the cost of education outside the school, including the cram school, which was paid by each parent in Japan, was 15.17 million yen per month in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 6%, showing an upward trend year by year.


There is an earlier reference to the life support costs required for Japan’s 22 years from birth to university graduation. That is the survey data released by the original Japanese AIU insurance in 2005. The survey divided the support for 22 years into six major items: childcare fees, food and beverages, clothing, insurance, hairdressing and beauty, pocket money, and children’s private items. The total amount was 16.4 million yen. Among them, the total of 22 years of food expenses (about 6.71 million yen) and pocket money (about 4.51 million yen) accounted for 68.4%.

According to the report, the total conclusion is that, under the premise of all public schools, it takes about 27.21 million yen to raise a child in Japan, and about 42.39 million yen if it is a private school.Japan will implement the free education of early childhood education and childcare in October 2019, and some higher education is expected to be partially free in the future. The report said that the move aims to alleviate the burden of Japanese families raising children and alleviate the problem of declining birthrate.