How Soon Can You Exercise After A Meal?

What does the harm that exercises immediately after meal have?


1. Blood flow distribution disorder. After a meal is the peak of digestion and gastrointestinal movement, this time a large amount of blood is mainly involved in it, but if the exercise, the muscle movement of the whole body also needs a large amount of blood participation, so it is easy to seize the blood volume of digestive organs, roughly blood distribution disorder, not only affect the effect of exercise and harm to health.

2, stimulate the stomach. Exercise after a meal tends to stimulate the stomach, which is filled with food. If you exercise, it will stretch the mesentery connecting the stomach and intestines, which will lead to abdominal pain.

3, lead to gastrointestinal disease attack. Exercise immediately after meals can also increase the chance of developing other gastrointestinal problems such as appendicitis. When appendicitis breaks out, ache is more apparent, and can aggravate gradually, when happening this kind of ache, should seek medical advice in time.

4. Abdominal pain. The most direct effect of exercise immediately after meals is abdominal pain, which is mainly caused by three reasons. During exercise, the total body oxygen demand increases and the negative pressure in the thoracic cavity decreases, which results in the obstruction of the blood flow in the liver, leading to the congestion of the liver and the increase in the tension of the liver capsule, which causes liver pain. Exercise after meals causes gastrointestinal disease attacks.


Above all, in the half hour after finishing a meal less than, give priority to with rest, can sit a little for a while, do not want to move as far as possible, also can walk appropriately. Then, within one to one and a half hours after the meal, the peak of food digestion has passed and general exercise, such as brisk walking and jogging, can be done as a warm-up before vigorous exercise. Wait until after meal hind two hours, can undertake motion, also can do some more intense motion at this time, because this time period is human body energy is most abundant when. After the meal is unfavorable intense motion does not exclude to have relaxed motion after the meal, everybody can do proper amount of motion according to his condition, for example walk or do other slight activity, to promote health or advantageous.

What exercise is done after the meal good?

1. Take a walk
Take a walk after dinner, this is a kind of way that a lot of people can choose, because be opposite to other motion for, without what motion intensity, suit the motion project that serves as a meal. After eating, we can go to the park for a walk, or walk back and forth in the hall. Walking after eating can reduce blood sugar during exercise, and also help digestion. If you want to satisfy the effect, you should insist on walking for half an hour.

2. Stand up
After meal half an hour undertakes standing, and hold to stand against the wall half an hour above, the effect is optimal. Standing up after a meal not only burns fat, but also helps maintain your body.

3. The exercise to lose weight
After meal half an hour can undertake reduce weight to hold, but choose action more relaxed, try a kind of reduce weight to hold everyday, a week will different reduce weight to hold try once, such already thin body also won’t feel drab, remember to finish to reduce weight to hold hind lie flat for a while, loosen abdomen. ​​​