How This Hungry German Shepherd Asks For Food Is So Clever

German Shepherds are confident, courageous and smart, excelling at pretty much anything they’re asked to do.However, when it comes to food, a German Shepherd’s stomach may seem like a bottomless pit and Apollo is not different.He is still hungry – despite the fact that he just ate.Well,how could his owner resists its persistent pleas, especially when he asks for food in an incredibly polite way? If anyone ever asks “who’s a good dog?” you had better think of this one!

The dog sits in front of his bowl and stares at his master with an adorable looking face. In case the man can’t figure it out, Apollo tips his bowl over to give him a clue that he would like to eat.Then he he goes closer to the pantry where he knows his food is stored.The man asks him, “You want some food?… You hungry?” Ding, ding, ding! Apollo gets excited that his owner finally said what he was waiting for. Unfortunately though, the man reminds him that it’s mid-day and that he just ate… Nice try though, Apollo.