How to Become more Knowledgeable

Knowledge is power. This is true in life.However,knowledgeable people are not always born that way. There are also no shortcut to being intelligent. And, there is no one single way of being intelligent.


Intelligence is a characteristic that you can achieve by following traits and keep doing it that way for a long term.  Moreover, knowledge has many varied facets encompassing skills from book learning to understanding how to build or create.

Therefore, what you need is multi-point approach.

  1. Learning – Read a lot. Read variety of subjects including history, science, maths, language, logic, philosophy. Read in detail. Ask questions, go deeper and explore as much as you can. Do not stop learning. Also add visual forms of learning to your reading habits. For example – watch video programming on the same subjects. It makes the learning stick to you longer, otherwise you tend to forget things you have read before.
  2. Working – employ your learning to some practical usage. May be teach, may be take a job, may be write. Make the learning work for you, or work to learn more. That’s the only way it sticks with you. If you read a book, try to explain it to somebody in your own words. May be read it again if couldn’t do it well. Do not just read for the sake of reading, but to employ it practically.
  3. Experience – Learn from experience. Learn new things that has not been taught, but something as a by product of your experience doing things, observing things. Derive new things, ideas. Imagine and use your learned, observed and work experience to create or influence new things.


Over time with all your reading, working and experience, you will see your knowledge increasing. And, as a result, learning new skills at any age reaps a huge amount of benefits including raising self-esteem, increasing our sense of accomplishment and personal growth, as well as keeping those brain cells active and well-used.