Incorrect Weight Loss Methods Are More Scary Than Obesity

Obesity has been delayed and does not lose weight, although it will endanger your health. But incorrect weight loss methods can also cause serious damage to the body. Nowadays, you have been insisting on losing weight, but you have not achieved results. Have you ever thought that your own weight loss method is wrong?


Dieting to lose weight
It stems from the “small mouth, open legs” six words to lose weight, the science and effect of dieting to lose weight is there. However, some obese people have gone to extremes in order to be eager for success. Not eating staple foods, for a long time will lead to abnormal secretion of hormones in the body, women will have irregular menstruation, severe cases will premature ovarian failure.
Dieting to lose weight is not simply to eat less, you need to control the food intake under the premise of ensuring adequate nutrition, and this is a long process, you can not think of a long time without eating to achieve weight loss. This will have terrible consequences for the body. There have been many cases of anorexia nervosa caused by extreme dieting and weight loss, leading to the final death.

Exercise to lose weight
Same as dieting, I believe that these two are the most common and introductory ways to lose weight. The principle of exercise weight loss is correct, but mainly because obese people fail to make correct judgments about their obesity and blindly exercise, which will lead to poor health. The higher a person’s weight, the greater the force on the knee during running and the more severe the knee wear. Therefore, exercise weight loss needs to control the amount of exercise, or try to choose some sports that are not demanding on the knee.

Hope everyone can stay away from obesity and live a healthy life.