Incredible Carpet and Gospel Book Cover Are Made Entirely of Quilled Paper

This quilled paper carpet and Gospel Book cover created by artist Lisa Nilsson is really an exquisite enjoyment for your eyes. Her works are made of common thread, but with amazing intricacy.


Impressively, she has a whole Tapis Series of this kind of art, displaying breathtaking details.

Painstakingly, Nilsson created anatomical figures and textile patterns on the carpet, quilling all the delicate flowers and stars on. Believe it or not, this technique, quilling, also known as “paper filigree” has a history over a hundred years. All the patterns are made of countless papers after rolling, shaping and gluing, and together these papers forming beautiful designs.


Inspired by the Islamic carpet and the 8th century gospel cover, Nilsson recently add her newest work called Jardin and Gospel to the series. This new art includes special Japanese mulberry in Jardin, and Nilsson originated it outward from the center.


And as for Gospel, Nilsson chose to incorporate bright gilt edged paper, trying to mimic the actual gold which is popularly used on religious book covers once. It’s never easy to finish an art like this. Only for the carpet piece, it took nearly 8 months to fill the 27’’ by 34’’ inch frame.


For utilizing this complicated art, Nilsson devotes plenty of time in designing and working on those papers.“The common thread I see among them is my attraction to the intricate, multifaceted, complex, detailed, and time consuming,”she said.


If you are interested, you can check Nilsson’s website. She’s famous for collections of specimen boxes too!