Is Myopic Not To Wear Glasses Namely? Expert: It’s Not That Simple

Ametropia myopia is the most common ocular health problem in the world with the largest age span, and high myopia retinopathy accounts for a high proportion of the causes of blindness.

Development outcomes for symptoms of myopia and myopic treatment, experts said Xu Xun, myopia is the most serious complications of fundus lesions, eyes like a camera, fundus like a film camera, film out of the question in general it is difficult to repair, “when I was 30 years ago began to do an eye doctor, also very little to see fundus complication of high myopia; However, in recent years, every clinic has encountered many fundus complications caused by high myopia, such as retinal detachment, such as macular traction lesions and so on. Most of these conditions (fundus lesions) do not have a perfect way to help restore normal, so from this point of view, myopia can be very harmful.”


Xu Xun says, as the development of myopic degree, the eye axis of myopia gradually becomes long, be like a balloon more blow bigger, in the weakest place, be in fundus namely, can appear resemble atropiness, organization becomes thin even burst, to such circumstance, present remedial effect is limited, a few people are blind because of this.

“Myopic fundus lesions have become the leading cause of blindness in adults in East and Southeast Asia, and it’s not just about wearing glasses. A lot of young people may still have an error, myopia is not wearing glasses? In fact, fundus complications tend to occur after the age of 40 or 50, so future work and old age may be greatly affected.”
In addition, xu also said, there is a saying that myopia laser surgery can once and for all, “in fact, laser surgery to correct myopia, to take off glasses, but does not change is bigger, the deformation of the eye, also cannot change have eye problems, so also will not be able to reduce the risk of blindness and visual impairment.”