Italian Engineering Team Found The Secret Room When Repairing The Palace Of The Ancient Roman Empire

The engineering team responsible for repairing the Royal Roman Empire found a large burial chamber in Rome, Italy.

According to Agence France-Presse reported on May 10th, a group of engineering team found a secret room decorated with detailed murals when repairing the 2000-year-old former Roman emperor Nero Domus Aurea. The Colosseum archaeological official, who oversees the work, said on the 10th that the research team found a port that leads to a room with vaults and walls full of mythological creatures, including centaur and God and so on.


Officials at the Colosseum said the discovery gave some insight into the “ambience of Rome in the 1960s,” adding that the domes that people can see are “preserved quite well.”
Each brick depicts different types of animal forms, from leopards to birds, centaurs and sphinxes, while other bricks depict musical instruments.

The Lianhe Zaobao reported that archaeological experts said that this was a major discovery that would give a glimpse of Rome in the first century AD. The room is basically intact, and the archaeological team needs to start a project that continues to dig down to unearth more treasure hidden in the Golden Palace room.


AFP said that in addition to the outdoor, the associated buildings were built between 64 and 68 AD. These huge buildings consisted of buildings, gardens and artificial lakes. Other buildings were later based on the Roman emperor.