J.K. Rowling Unveils New Monster Story

In 2000, harry potter, a magical fantasy novel written by British author J.K. rowling, was officially introduced into China and became popular. The harry potter series, adapted from the novel by the same name, became a classic and imprinted in the hearts of many “harry potter fans”.


On The 20th anniversary of harry potter’s entry into China in 2020, author J.K. rowling recently announced on her personal website that she will release her new book, “The Ickabog,” online for all readers to read for free.

The idea, rowling said, was to send a special message to those who had been quarantined during the outbreak. She also said that when the book is published in November, all royalties will be donated to charity to help people affected by the outbreak.

On the website www.theickabog.com, where the novel was published, rowling detailed the story for readers. “I began to think and write this story a long time ago, when I finished it and read it chapter by chapter to my two younger children… I put it aside because I was busy with other stories, and though I loved it and thought about it often over the years, I thought it was just a personal note for my own children.”

“Then the epidemic began, and the quarantine period was difficult, so I took the manuscript out of the attic, rewrote some chapters, and read them again to my children. They suggested that I add back some of the deleted parts, because they remembered hearing them when they were children. And so the book took shape…”
Rowling plans to release chapters of the book on her website for free over the next seven weeks. In particular, she stressed that the story had nothing to do with the harry potter series and that there was no magic in the books. “it’s a completely new story,” she said.

According to a new report by forbes.com, “The Ickabog” has 34 chapters and is scheduled to be published in English in The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada and India starting in November. It will also be translated in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

As part of the interactive contest, rowling invited readers who liked the story to draw pictures for the book. “I will give you some Suggestions on the subject of illustration, but you are welcome to use your imagination.” The final selected illustration will appear in the new book.

Under rowling’s plan, all royalties from the book will be donated to help those affected by the outbreak, with donations to be made public in the future.

Rowling said that while Ickabog is the name of the legendary monster in the story, the book’s theme is “a story of truth and abuse of power.”

According to the author’s plan, the book will be published in full in July this year.