Joaquin Phoenix Won The Oscar For Best Actor For The Joker

The 92nd Academy Awards were presented in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. Joaquin phoenix won best actor for the joker, becoming only the second actor to win an Oscar for his role as the joker. “I want to share this honor with the nominees and thank us for our work to give us a voice for the underdog. As a human community, gender, race, species equality is what we should pursue.” In his acceptance speech, joaquin paid a special tribute to his brother.


He lost 47 pounds to play the joker, his twisted body and protruding ribs, all in the play. Arthur flake, the joker, is a psychopath on seven different medications. To that end, joaquin learned about potions and their side effects. In addition, he read a lot of books and movies about the joker’s crimes.

Joaquin phoenix said in an interview that he would watch films of patients with pathological laughter at home, spend months practicing the laughter of clowns, read a lot of psychology books, and slowly dig his own joker in words and pictures in an empty diary given to him by director Todd. Joaquin’s “joker” laughs to convince viewers that personal trauma and social darkness can turn a broken person into a villain.


Joaquin’s one-man show, the joker, grossed $1.05 billion worldwide last year, surpassing marvel’s deadpool as the highest-grossing r-rated film of all time. It also won the best picture award at the Venice film festival, the highest honor in the history of comic fiction. Meanwhile, the vague values of “the joker” have also triggered the ongoing debate.

Joaquin phoenix has previously been nominated twice for best actor for “the master” and “walking with the song” and for best supporting actor for “gladiator,” his first academy award. His performance in “the joker” is of textbook quality. He lost 47 jin for the role, and dealt with the transformation of the joker from marginal character to devil in a very contradictory and tragic way, which gave the classic character its own unique brand.