Larry the Cat now meet his new well-matched adversary

You must have heard of Larry the cat. The pretty cat is well known as the Chief Mouser of the British Prime Minister’s Office in No.10 Downing Street since 2011. However, obviously Larry doesn’t really care about his appointed job.


For all these years, his record still remains at successfully catching one mice in 2012, which made such a celebration. It’s even printed on British newspaper. Larry even owns a Twitter account named ‘Larry the Cat’, maintaining the best Public Relationship for him.


In spite of napping in sunshine or proudly touring his territory, Larry is very passionate of challenging other cats and enjoying his conquest.

In 2012, Freya moved into Downing Street, but he was such a diligent cat that the amount of mouses he caught somehow made Larry feel threatened of losing his title. As a result, Larry started a war with Freya and beat him fiercely. After that, Freya left Downing Street and was sent to Kent instead.

This June, Cameron resigned the job. But it’s reported that Larry the Cat will stay in No.10 as the chief mouser. Apparently, Larry is very confident with his strength. But this year, a new strong opponent appeared for him. Palmerston, the cat of British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a black and white cat, and he has became Larry’s new target.


However, Larry is not so lucky this time. In a fight in July, the public found Larry ended up limp and even gave up his favorite air conditioning territory in the Office of Foreign Affairs. Although Palmerston is always wounded too in their fight, Larry is facing a strong enemy.

Recently, they have a fight once again, and this is a fierce one where Larry even lost his collar! It is hilariously reported as his ’most brutal fight yet’ with Foreign Office’s Palmerston.’


The photographer of Political Pictures was quite worried and tweeted: ‘Happy ending I hope! Let’s hope battlesea Dog/Cats home intervention has knocked some sense into No10 & Foreign Office with this fighting!’

What’s more, a black cat called Gladstone has now settled in the Treasury Office. So, let’s see what will happen! It’s nothing but exciting.