Lois Lake: Named For An English Princess Who Married A Commoner

Group of Canadian rocky mountain national park, including jasper, banff, about Mr, kootenay national park, and han palmer, robson, ash, and other provincial park, is one of the world’s largest national park, there are mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves form a beautiful mountain landscape, and truthfully in the world natural heritage list.


In rocky mountain national park, jagged peaks stand in strange contrast to but in harmony with flowing glaciers, whose melting snow has fostered lakes of pure beauty, decked out in emeralds by the reflected light of boulders floating in the water. The park is littered with dozens of lakes, large and small. These lakes are like jewels in the necklace of the Rocky Mountains. The most beautiful and dazzling one is Lois lake. Lois lake is not only the most beautiful lake in Canada, but also one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

According to the introduction, queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Louise, is the British royal family 350 years to marry the first civilian princess, her husband to the governor general of Canada, the Rockies this most beautiful lake named after his wife. No matter how capable he was, it would have been difficult for him to become governor of Canada, had it not been for the attention of the English crown. He was grateful, and could not forget his mother-in-law’s help.


About 7, 500 years ago, Lois lake was still part of the great Victoria glacier in front of us. About 4, 000 years ago, when the weather got hotter, the lower part of the glacier broke off of itself and formed a low-lying gem lake 2.4 kilometers long, 0.5 kilometers wide and 90 meters deep. It was not until 1882, when Canada built the Pacific railway, that the mysterious and beautiful Lois lake was discovered and amazed the world. Because of its glacial origin, the water is icy and stays at around 4 degrees. From November to June, the lake freezes over and becomes a beautiful ice skating rink.

Surrounded by the dense forests of the Rocky Mountains, the lovely Lois lake is as clear as an emerald of high purity. It is protected by the charming Victoria mountain, and the landscape is close to each other, forming a perfect landscape. Known as the “emerald of the Rocky Mountains,” Lois lake is also a favorite lake for photographers.


Compared with the general scenery of lakes and mountains, Lois lake has more ice skin and jade bones. It is beyond worldly temperament. The clear and cold lake water presents full blue and green colors. Many adjectives have been used to describe the beauty of Lois lake, but the closest feeling is the experience.