Mesa’s Third Place Battle, Messi Received The Second Red Card In His Career

In the America’s Cup third place battle, Argentina against Chile, Messi and the Chilean captain Medel conflict, was the penalty for the referee with a red card.This red card is also the second red card that Messi received in his career. Many people shouted for Messi, saying that this was just a yellow card event and the referee sentenced him to be unfair.


Usually this kind of mutual push is not a direct red card. The common penalty is to get a yellow card.Referring to the FA Cup Manchester City match against Brighton, Walker was put down by Jahan Bachsh when he was guarding the ball. Jia still stepped on Walker’s foot, and Walker got up and played with Jia Dingniu.This top cow didn’t move very much. The cause was also in the state of the ball. In the end, the referee did not award the red card. Instead, they issued a yellow card to each of them. The two sides continued to play on the court.Originally, Messi and Medel were also bulls of each other, not red cards, but then take a closer look, there is a difference: Messi and Medel are not the same.

Looking closely, the conflict between the two sides is in the dead ball state, the ball has bound the border.First Messi pushed Medel from behind, and Medel was angered, and turned back and connected a few times to force Messi.Although Messi just pushed the Meder behind him, the melee behind it was the perpetrator.


But it is undeniable that Messi is the provoked of this conflict!

Medel’s violent slamming is definitely a red card, but Messi can’t escape the red card because he is pushing the ball in the dead. The key is “dead ball”, which is “not sports”.If it is not a dead ball, Messi is not able to push the red card, the yellow card can be.