Mom Of Twins Attaches Hilarious Signs after fielding too many repetitive questions

 If you ever have twins, triplets, or quads? Prepare to get pelted with questions pretty much every time you leave the house, ranging from your babies’ gender to whether or not twins run in your family. Annie Nolan, a 26-year-old mom in Melbourne, knows this all too well, so she took to Instagram to post a photo of her twins holding a sign of FAQs she tends to get while wheeling her two-year-old twin girls Delphine and Cheska around town.

The signs get straight to the point:

-Yes, they are mine.
-Yes, they are twins.
-Yes, both girls
-No, not identical
-Yes, I know they look alike though.
-Yes, I’m sure they aren’t identical
-Conceived by f***ing
-Born via C-section
-You have twins in your family? “Great”
-They don’t run in my family…until now.
-Yes, my hands are full (sometimes with 2 glasses of wine just to get through)
-Yes, triplets would be harder

Too funny, and we’re guessing many of you moms of multiples can relate!

In just a few days, Nolan’s photo had gone super viral — and one of her Instagram followers was quick to point that out:

I have 7 month old twin daughters and someone actually came up to me in the supermarket on Monday to tell me about reading about you in the paper and suggested I do something similar! I can completely relate!

And let me just say, the Australian mom of three — who also writes the frank and funny blog Uncanny Annie,said that she came up with idea for the signs after spending the previous evening with some other ‘twin mums’ and joking about the amount of times they were asked the exact same questions.

It also helps that her girls are insanely cute. Let us count the ways…

● Delphine & Cheska ●

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Looking mint in their mint today #delphi #cheska

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They’re so adorable, it’s no wonder the mom is showered with questions!