When Her Baby Was Born, Mom Refused To Bathe Her. I Was Surprised To Learn The Reason Why

If you’ve ever given birth before, you probably remember what the scene was like. You were also probably grateful that the nurses took your baby as soon as they were born in order to clean and tidy them up. Some health experts are now saying, however, that may not be the safest idea for a newborn baby…


According to Teen Vogue, it is now believed that the “white cheesy looking substance”, the appears on a child right after birth, should stay on a baby’s skin long after they’ve arrived into the world. This substance is known as the vernix caseosa. It protects the baby’s skin while he or she is still in the womb.

In the past, nurses would wash this off the baby as soon as he or she was born. However, many parents today are letting the vernix caseosa stay on the skin as long as possible.

The vernix caseosa is made up of sebum, which is an oil produced by the skin. It is known as the best moisturizer in the world. It is also filled with good bacteria. That is why the vernix caseosa should be kept on the skin. Baby’s skin can get cracked after seven to 10 days.

Seven months ago, Elodie Dupuy had a child and opted out of her child’s first bath. Instead, she tells Teen Vogue, a nurse simply “wiped her down with a towel” and handed the child back to Elodie.

She didn’t look dirty, or smell dirty, the only difference was that it looked as though her child had dried lotion in between her fingers.

It wasn’t until six days after her daughter’s birth that Elodie finally gave her first bath.The vernix caseosa is known as nature’s cold cream. That is why it should be kept on the infant’s skin.

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