More Than 1,500 Ba Flights Have Been Cancelled After Pilots Went On Strike Over Pay

More than 1,500 flights have been cancelled, affecting 280,000 passengers and costing ba up to 80 million pounds, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.


British airways said Monday it apologised for the inconvenience caused by the cancellations and offered passengers a full refund. In addition, airlines are reminding passengers whose flights have been canceled to “not go to the airport.”

British airways and the civil aviation pilots’ association (BALPA) are in a row over pay rises for pilots, with ba saying it will increase pay by 11.5 per cent over three years, but the ba believes pilots should get a bigger share of the profits in the airline’s current financial situation or they will be entitled to strike action.


Brian stoughton, general secretary of the civil aviation pilots association, said: “ba must meet the needs of its staff and passengers to ensure that pilots are not bullied.” British airways has threatened to scrap travel allowances if staff choose to strike. The British civil aviation pilots’ association condemned the airline’s actions as “illogical and irresponsible” and “further deepening the disagreement with pilots”.

Unhappy with ba’s pay offer, the civil aviation pilots’ association announced in August that pilots would launch strike action on September 9, 10 and 27.