New Year Message From The World’s Most Famous Gorilla

Do you remember Koko the gorilla,who can “speak” via a sign language vocabulary of more than 1,000 words and loves kittens?

For the most meaningful start for 2016, 44-year-old KoKo sent an instructive New Year message to all humans on Jan 3rd.

“I am gorilla, I am flowers, animals. I am Nature. Koko love man. Earth Koko love,” she says with the gesture which she learned since she was one year old. “But man stupid… stupid! Koko sorry, Koko cry. Time hurry. Fix Earth! Help Earth! Hurry! Protect Earth. Nature watches you. Thank you.”

The video lasts for just one minute but it’s already powerful enough to alarm all of us.Although KoKo didn’t actually wrote her script, the aim of the video as displaying “the voice of nature” has been achieved.

Through sign language, KoKo told us that we are running out of time. If we don’t set up to fix the Earth from now on, we might never have another chance to.The original purpose of creators was to emphasize the impact on climate change, environment as well as wildlife animals protection, and KoKo perfectly acted for whatever they want to express through simple signs.

Once you combine the plea with the sincere gesture and expression of KoKo, you would found this message heartbreaking in a way.So let’s start to care for our planet from this second with any small deed, and just don’t let another gorilla tell us what to do.