People Say Sorry to Mom for Some Interesting Things via #sorrymom on Twitter

Mother’s Day — filled with brunches, special gift, old photos and reminiscing on how much your mom has shaped your life. In all honesty one day is not enough to love and appreciate moms.This year, the Twitter hashtag #SorryMom has gone viral. Users are posting apology messages to Mom, many of them things that probably should have been said a very long time ago:

#SorryMom , it wasn’t the dog who pulled your birthday cake off the table and licked all the icing off in 1983.

AnnieDillardDessert (@thebestnoise) May 10, 2015

I explained to you what a MILF was and you now strive to be known as one – actually I’m sorry to myself

With kids, and grandkids…

Not having kids. I hope you like our pug.

Tommy Campbell (@MrTommyCampbell)May 10, 2015

…and jobs, and degrees.

#SorryMom You helped pay for 8 years of university and I don’t have a job in any of those fields.

Mollie Smith (@MollieOneechan)May 10, 2015

looks like that political science degree didn’t work out. I’ll be in the basement.

Huntley (@NotAHuntley)May 10, 2015

Mothers put up with SO MUCH.

#SorryMom For all The stiff socks you had to clean from under my bed. Thanks for never talking about it

Tom Howell (@trashtakeout)May 10, 2015