Pictures Of 16 Golden Retrievers Lining Up For A Train In Britain Have Gone Viral To Raise Money For Charity

According to the daily mail on November 7, a photo of 16 golden retrievers queuing for a train at Barnes station in southwest London has gone viral.


The Dogs were gathered on the platform to be photographed as part of a charity calendar to raise money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. A total of 26 dogs were photographed at 13 locations in Barnes, including a dog couple enjoying a “date” at a cinema and a picture of four hounds walking across a zebra crossing to mimic the cover of the beatles’ classic album.


All the dogs involved in the shoot were safely tethered to a platform railing that was no longer in use, making it extremely safe. Jo Stone, head of public fundraising at battersea, thanked dog lovers who had taken part in the creative fundraising.