Pregnant Women In The UK Have Been Shown The “V” Sign During A Baby Examination

On Oct. 30, Jemma Houston, a 21-year-old mother-to-be from the U.K., received an ultrasound at a hospital and discovered that her unborn daughter had concealed her face with a “V” sign. Gemma said she would have to have another test to see the baby’s face.


According to reports, gemma, from the UK, had an ultrasound, but her unborn daughter did not cooperate and made a “V” sign to cover her face. Gemma joked that her daughter was “the most rude baby in Britain”.

Gemma also posted pictures of the ultrasound on social media, with the message: “my daughter didn’t cooperate every time, so I had to get tested again.”

Gemma says she has been expecting since April and has had an unexpected experience with every birth test. At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s legs are crossed and must be repeated.


But despite her unborn daughter’s mischievous ways, gemma is looking forward to her arrival. “This is so cute,” wrote gemma’s post.