Psychology: Excessive Vanity Psychology, Very Easy To Let You Suffer From Depression

In life, some people very vanity, like to listen to other people say flattery words to meet the needs of self vanity, often will own vanity intoxicated in thinking, in the real life, can’t be everywhere will let him enjoy the honor and praise, when their vanities and not satisfied, the heart can produce great frustration, feel life, even loss, melancholy feeling arises spontaneously, in this self moodiness bad feelings, the emotions, to accumulate, can form an important factor of depression risk.


Too vain people are very sensitive, very value others opinion of himself, but in reality and could not have always been a favourite of others and praise, the heart is actually quite complex, once can’t get others’ affirmation and recognition, often frustrated, thinking, mood also is not stable, even doubt your life, then the mood will be full of anger and resentment, so depressed mood, also can lead to depression.

Too vain people another characteristic is that jealousy is very strong, if found in their ability is strong, others will feel diminished status and the ability to, can’t get others’ attention, and then produce a strong depression and a sense of crisis, the jealous heart also more strongly make themselves will not be able to achieve balance in my mind, always in an angry emotion, the pain of torture also makes its are suffering from depression.

Whenever too vain people, get all sorts of praise and easy, you will feel yourself beyond the others, the heart can produce very happy even ecstatic moods performance, but it is precisely this kind of mood is high, does not carry the sustainable existence, often after a brief high emotional response, will soon fall low, is extremely unstable, when the emotional climax, nature be elated, up and down emotions, however, tend to be too vain people in a state of stable mood, so at the time of depression, is easy to show the remarkable feature of depression, is that people are likely to suffer from depression.

The psychologist thinks, “vanity is a kind of complement of self-respect, the overexpression that produces comes out, it is to let oneself get honor and cause general attention, and show a kind of abnormal social emotion”.


If a person under the drive of vanity, only the pursuit of the things on the face, as long as your face looks good, will not consider other factors that objectively exist, it is easy to cause harm to the society, especially in the strong vanity, this kind of person will have dire motives, will have very serious consequences for themselves and others.

When each one of us have this demand, must with the society and the environment, and our consistent position, rather than with reality and reflect the behavior of extortion, to satisfy yourself, if so, is completely belong to improper means of competition to obtain, although may temporarily self could be meet somehow, but he has a severe lack of moral and ethical boundaries within the scope of the provisions of the regulations.

Someone once said, vanity is a kind of distorted self-esteem, there is a reason, it is, in some people, especially the love vanity, and their vanity is a supplement of your self-esteem, the resulting false ego, it is impossible for a long time, because in the real life to recognize the facts, abide by integrity still accounts for the vast majority of people, they can in fact set out to express their opinions or Suggestions, rather than flattery to cater for some people to reach own purpose, if such people are less and less, so it is hard to vanity have a toehold.

So, how should we maintain a normal state of mind to overcome vanity?

First of all, we should treat the external world or other people’s evaluation of us correctly, this is also because vanity is a supplement to self-esteem, is interrelated, and self-esteem is closely related to the external environment we are exposed to the atmosphere. Other people’s views and Suggestions, others’ good conditions, superior life, should not become the influence of our own efforts to strive for the factors, achievements are through their own efforts and achieved, to establish self-confidence and self-strengthening faith only in this way can not be driven by vanity.
From the heart to establish a determination to overcome vanity, honest about people or things around, with integrity and healthy personality to meet the needs of self psychological only allow yourself to seize the self-esteem and self-respect, fully embody self-value, through proper channels to get needs met, pull out all the environment or human interference, become a real independent self, so will not lose our personality, to get those hypocritical things.

In our outlook on life is to set up the lofty and great ideals, the pursuit of true reality, not vanity, no matter in what position, strive to make remarkable achievements, which means to create their own ideals, no matter when and where to have self-knowledge, to be able to see ourselves, right, good to play to their strengths, overcome their shortcomings, let oneself in the way to realize the ideal, a foot step, steadfast progress, let the real you in front of others.