Research Shows That Negative Emotions Have A Positive Effect

Although strong negative emotions can be harmful to the body, research shows that sometimes certain negative emotions, such as fear, can have a “positive” effect, us media said.


When you’re scared, your stomach tightens, your muscles stiffen, your heart starts pounding, your whole body is on high alert, every hair stands up, palms sweat, and your fingertips tingle. In other words, a wave of fear washes over you, suddenly and violently, like electricity.

Why is that? Suppose a million years ago you were homo erectus living on the savanna and you just saw a saber-toothed tiger hiding in the bush. Your immediate response is, “oh look, that creature seems to hurt me. I should be prepared just in case.” Fortunately, your sympathetic nervous system isn’t wasting time. It alerts your whole body at super fast speed, preparing you for fight or flight. Of course, this warning can be scary. But if it’s soothing and pleasurable, you’re not taking the danger seriously, are you?


Increased blood flow and adrenaline help you run back to your cave. You survived, and probably had the good fortune to find a mate and pass on your genes.

So does fear work? This kind of emotion can save your life! There are no saber-toothed tigers hiding in the bush in today’s world, but even so, fear can help us survive. Walking down a dark alley at night gives us goose bumps. We mull over risky decisions; When someone is approaching us like a demon, we turn back. Most people back off.