Russell Westbrook Scored 20+20+21 Super Triples Successfully Elected

The NBA officially selected the best data for today. Thunder guard Russell Westbrook scored 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists in the Thunder 119-103 victory over the Lakers today, and was successfully elected.


In this game, Westbrook sent 10 assists in the first quarter. Almost at the beginning of the game, he had already “scheduled” the three pairs of data today.
In the end, not only cut three pairs, but also sent 20+20+20 super data, which became the first player after Chamberlain to play this data.

With this triple-double, Westbrook also got the 31st triple-double of the season, and he can lock in three double-doubles in the season as long as he sends 3 assists in the next game. This will also be his third consecutive season to achieve such an achievement.