Ryan Gosling eats cereal in Honor of Vine creator Ryan McHenry

The Scottish film-maker Ryan McHenry  first posted a six-second Vine videos in 2013,in which he held up a spoonful of cereal to his TV only for Gosling to reject it. McHenry with his “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” Vine series.

McHenry lost his battle with cancer on Sunday, and now Gosling is honoring his memory in the sweetest way possible. On Monday, the actor shared a Vine clip of himself pouring a bowl of cereal and eating it.

Gosling also shared a touching tweet, writing, “My heart goes out to all of Ryan McHenry’s family and friends. Feel very lucky to have been apart of his life in some small way.”

Ryan Gosling has showed us once again he’s a decent guy.