Seasonal Cough, Eat These Fruits Cough Expectorant

1. Early or long cough phlegm, you can eat some pears
Be in come on early stage or long cough much phlegm person, can eat pear. Pear can “runfei cool heart, clear phlegm decrease internal heat”. This is because, pear contains the composition such as body of match sugar and tannic acid, join fridum fridum, rock sugar to steam pear after edible, the effect is better.


2. You can also eat some loquat, because loquat contains amygaloside, which can relieve cough and expectorate phlegm.
With loquat fruit made of pei pa koa, also has cool annealing, phlegm relieving cough effect.

3 inflammatory cough, might as well eat some orange
If you cough with a sore throat, it’s an inflammatory cough. Try eating an orange.


4.When you cough with asthma, or dry cough without phlegm, you can eat apricot
Because apricot contains bitter almond glucoside, with cough expectorant, lung warming and cold, the core of the almond cough and asthma is stronger.

5. People with a hot body should eat more cold fruit
Physique slant hot person, should eat the fruit of cold and cool sex more, if cantaloupe, watermelon, pear, banana, mango, persimmon, grapefruit.