Several Ways To Eat Oats

Oatmeal is a fast food that can be eaten directly by soaking in boiling water. Of course, in order to improve the taste of oats, many people eat oats, will be added to some other food, such as strawberry milk oatmeal, chrysanthemum oatmeal, preserved egg meat oatmeal, shrimp seaweed egg oatmeal and so on. The practice that introduces these a few kinds of oatmeal for everybody below!

Method 1: strawberry milk oat congee — sweet run smooth delicious optional match

1. Add boiling water to instant oatmeal.

2. Pour in 100ml of fresh milk and make oatmeal with milk.

Add fresh strawberries and serve. A layer of cheese, honey or syrup can be added to the top, depending on the individual’s preference. Add some fresh strawberries to the oats and you’re done. And depending on your preference, you can add cheese, honey, or syrup. Make it more delicious.

4. Strawberry oatmeal with milk has unique flavor and sweet taste, which is very popular with children.


Method 2: chrysanthemum oat porridge — qingreqing fire gan xiangyuan

1. Take 5-10 grams of chrysanthemum and add boiling water to make bubbles.

2. Add 50g Quaker instant oatmeal and mix well. Add honey or syrup, depending on your preference

3. The color of porridge is bright and yellowish, and the smell is fragrant. Chrysanthemum has the effect such as dispersing wind hot, clear liver bright eye, detoxification, often take can prevent wind hot cold, have a headache dizzy, eye red swelling pain drops blood pressure to wait.


Method 3: preserved egg meat floss oatmeal — rich ingredients and nutrition

1. In a small pot, add 1 cup (about 200 liters) boiling water and 40g Quaker instant oatmeal.

Season with a little salt or chicken extract as desired.

3 can be 100 milliliters of frozen fresh milk directly into the boiled oatmeal, that is to reduce the temperature of the porridge, and can make the taste more smooth.


Eat method 4: shrimp skin laver egg oat congee — fill calcium clear heat, strong heart

1. In a small pot, add 200ml boiling water and 40g Quaker instant oatmeal.

2. Take an egg, beat it up and add in oatmeal. Microwave on medium heat for about a minute and a half.