She Lines Up 11 Babies For A Photoshoot. What She Captures? Absolutely Beautifulb

Photographer Julie Willson says that her latest photo shoot was something extremely special and personal to her. “The photo shoot was near and dear to my heart,” Julie say. “It was something I had always wanted to do since I started doing photography and since my sister, Dina passed away.”

Dina had Down Syndrome and passed away a few years ago. Julie says that Dina taught her and her parents what true unconditional love is. She would light up any room she walked into and left an everlasting impact on her family’s lives.

Because of this, Julie now uses her talents to help…She picked up her camera and do a photo shoot of a group of special kids – babies and toddlers with Down Syndrome. Julie’s goal with taking the photos is to help raise awareness how wonderful children with Down Syndrome are.