Smoking Too Much Makes You Look Older, According To New Research

Smoking too much makes you look older, just one of the many negative effects of smoking, a new British study has found.

To investigate the effects of heavy smoking on people’s health, researchers at the university of Bristol analysed health data from the British biomedical database. They divided the sample into two groups: never-smokers, smokers and former smokers.

Using two new methods of data analysis, researchers identified some known effects of smoking, such as poorer lung function and a higher risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and skin cancer. In their analysis, they also found that heavy smoking caused people’s faces to age faster, making them appear older than their actual age.


In addition to analyzing the dangers of smoking, the data analysis tools could be used to discover the health effects of other habits, such as alcohol consumption, the researchers said. The results were published recently in the journal plos genetics.