Son Helps Mom Eva Find Love with Video Called ‘Looking for Adam’

'Looking for Adam': Son searches for the love of his mom's life

‘Looking for Adam': Son searches for the love of his mom’s life

On Mother’s Day,Norwegian Alex Lyngaas revealed the secret project he’s been working on for a year: an ad for someone special for his mother. He created an ad titled Looking for Adam and posted it on YouTube ,in the hopes of helping his mother, Eva, find the love of her life.“Deep inside, we all want the same thing,” he says. “We all want to love and be loved.”


Yes, he’s hot and has a heart of gold. Swoon.

“I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who’s single and deserves a good man,” Lyngaas says in the video posted on YouTube. Eva has been trying to find someone on her own, but to no avail. Seeing his mother in need of some help, Lyngaas took it upon himself to ask the Internet for help.

In the video, we find out that Eva is a remarkable woman! She skis, bikes, dances, swims, and does yoga. She enjoys art, travel, beer, and hanging out with friends and family. Eva’s reaction when she first sees the video is priceless.If she sounds like the right woman for you, feel free to send an email.

Since posting the video, Alex and Eva have been absolutely swarmed with emails from people all over the world. Some are from potential “Adams” asking her to give them a chance, but many are also from single mothers telling her that she’s an inspiration and encouraging her to never give up, or from people without mothers writing to say they wish she were their mother.

“I don’t have any expectations and I’m so grateful because already it makes me happy that if she’s ever having a bad day, she can just open her email inbox and see how many people love her,” he said. “If the video finds mom a man, that’s great, but I hope that the video also just encourages people to embrace each other.”