SONY Has Announced That Spider-man Has Confirmed His Departure From Marvel And Will Be Opening Up The Series On Its Own

SONY pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra9 6 announced the spider-man series completely sever ties with diffuse wei movie universe, without any return, SONY and Disney’s negotiation has come to an end, and SONY will vigorously to build their own spider-man universe series of films (at this stage have a “poison”, is about to develop the rest of the film and television), and are very confident.


According to media reports, Disney had asked SONY for a 50-percent deal with Disney, but SONY wanted to continue the business model of the “spider-man” movies, which would give Disney only 5 percent of the film’s revenue. Disney rejected the deal.

Tony said, Disney diffuse at present, the hand has too many IP, this is also a big reason why they choose to leave, now produced by their own more convenient, SONY also has a lot of talent, they made the “spider-man: parallel universe” got the Oscar is the best proof, and they have spider-man universe character has more than 900, make a huge and spectacular spider-man universe is not difficult.


About the current plan, Tony said they had to make 5, 6, “spider-man universe” TV series, before they make the black proctor and harvest a lot of praise, this also let SONY pictures butt down their shooting superhero drama produce greater confidence, and asked “spider-man” and “poison” when will it be crossed, Tony didn’t confirm, but said it would soon.