Starbucks “Cat Claw Cup” Snapped


In the past two days, Starbucks has launched a cat-claw-shaped cup, which is swept in microblogging and vibrating.The cup is a very chic cat claw cup. It is said that because of its scarcity, it was sold out just after it went on the market.


Look!When it is loaded with milk, it is really super cute!

This glass cup, the people currently grabbed on the Internet began to sell for 500-700, in fact, this cup sold at the original price of 199 yuan in Starbucks.Due to the limited number of items in each store, many people have made a big shot in the Starbucks store in order to snap up.


Many netizens complained to Starbucks that such hunger marketing did not limit the number of purchases per consumer, which made many consumers behind the market unable to buy cups, and even extreme cases, in some stores, The first-ranked consumer will buy all the cat’s claw cups.


Consumers snapped up the cat’s claw cup, is it really just because this cup looks good?
In addition to the cup looks good, buying a friend circle, reselling at a high price,  are other reasons for the hot cat cat cups.

Do you like cat claw cups? What do you think of such a high price?