Starbucks Pushes New Products, The World’s First Eight “Playing Ice Tune” Series

On April 23, Starbucks announced that it will launch a new category in the world on April 25th – eight healthy and creative ice creams that break through the tradition and have a bright future, and will be sold in all stores and special stars in mainland China.



“Funny Ice Tune” breaks through the traditional definition of coffee or tea concept, which means that Starbucks China has a new development in the beverage category. Starbucks says that every cup of ice is not just a simple coffee or tea, but a blend of tea and coffee, a bold innovation inspired by cocktails.

The “Funny Ice Tune” series consists of 8 creative ice creams that break through the tradition. Five of them are based on Teavana, and three are based on Starbucks high-quality coffee, which will be used to make large pieces of fruit and juice. Creative blending, hand-made by the barista in the store, allowing customers to enjoy the visual and taste dual senses.

In the past reports, Interface News has been concerned about the commercial sustainability of Starbucks in the Chinese market. This sustainability is not just about opening up markets, sinking channels or increasing store sales – and of course it’s important for a company – but as a star company in the Chinese consumer goods market, how Starbucks Continuously create new experiences and so-called WOW moments for consumers.


2019 is the 20th anniversary of Starbucks’ entry into China. The changes in the Chinese market and consumer behavior during these 20 years have been enough to prevent many large foreign companies from breathing. Starbucks used to represent a relatively elitist consumer behavior. In the first 10 years of entering China, people talked about it as “to Starbucks.” Nowadays, such as Shanghai, coffee shops are visible to the naked eye in convenience stores.

At the same time, in the catering industry, local players in the Chinese market have also handed over a number of works that are recognized or even sought after by the market. In the newly opened shopping mall, Xicha can get the gold pavement that only luxury brands can win in the past. A variety of concepts with traditional Chinese food culture, combined with store design and overall brand visual effects, can easily attract the younger generation.