Such Breakfast Collocation, Having Nutrition And Returning Science!

Increase the amount of roughage in the staple food

Many people believe in the concept of “never getting tired of fine food”, believing that the finer the food, the better. But there are two problems with eating too carefully: micronutrients and intestinal problems. More and more people suffer from constipation in modern times. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the choice of staple food. The main food should not only be rice and white flour, but also increase the intake of coarse grains and cereals. This combination allows the food to release energy slowly, extending the time it takes to replenish. The staple food should be coarse grains such as brown rice, coarse grains, millet, oats, sweet potatoes and corn.

Have an egg for breakfast

Protein is essential to maintain a high level of energy and alertness. Protein not only replenishes the body’s nutritional needs, but it also releases energy for hours on end. Studies have found that people who add the right amount of protein to their breakfast are more resistant to hunger than those who don’t. Eggs are a good source of protein. They contain almost all the nutrients the body needs, except for a little less vitamin C. And eggs contain a lot of lecithin, which is very good for the brain. For people who use their brains a lot and students, having an egg for breakfast is very good.

Have vegetables or fruit for breakfast

Vegetables and fruits are neglected in most people’s breakfast. However, they are an important source of vitamins and minerals for the body. If you don’t have vegetables or fruit for breakfast, and you eat fast food outside for lunch, and you can only eat it in the evening, then you often don’t get enough vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. The fruit that suits breakfast to eat has apple, banana, pitaya fruit, orange to wait a moment.

Nuts are best for breakfast

Nuts are a bonus for a nutritious breakfast. Nuts are essential if you want to have the best breakfast. If we switch the peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts and other nuts we eat in the evening while watching TV to the morning, we can improve the quality of breakfast and prevent obesity. In addition, nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is very good for heart health.