Teach You About The Kinds Of Pasta

1. Long pasta

Spaghetti is the most traditional shape of Spaghetti, and it’s the kind of Spaghetti we see most often. It’s one of the most basic types of pasta. It’s also a versatile pasta. It can be served with a red sauce made from tomatoes or a green sauce based on basil and olive oil.

2. Capellini

Capellini is a thinner variety of dough than Spaghetti. It’s also called “Angel Hair” because it’s a little golden in color, like the legendary Hair of an Angel. Capellini is good with light or thin sauces. If you use a sauce that is too rich, you may get sick of it after a few bites.


Spaghetti looks a bit like our usual rice noodles, but spaghetti tries to overcome elasticity and chewiness.

4. The inclined tube surface

The Penne is pointed at both ends, with a quill pen tip at the corner, and the hollow part and shallow surface texture interchangeable to lock in the flavor of the sauce. Then add tomatoes, garlic, cooking oil and red pepper to make the oldest Italian dish. It can also be mixed with minced meat, Onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes to make a bologna dish.

5. Screw powder

Fusilli is like a larger version of a screw, and its spiral shape, which rolls up the sauce better, is one of the best pasta shapes for salads.

6. Farfalle

Farfalle, shaped like a bow, can absorb the love of children and girls because of its cute shape. It works best with sauces made with tomatoes and cream, or with a variety of vegetables.

7. Conchiglie

It works well with minced meat sauce or tuna sauce, and a simple creamy sauce is also a good choice. In a salad with vinaigrette sauce.

8. Lasagna

Thousands are usually made of fresh dough with meat, cheese, or vegetables in between, most of them square, baked instead, sometimes drizzled with a white sauce of unsalted cream. ,

9. Ravioli

Ravioli and ravioli are like square dumplings, but italians rarely put meat in them. Instead, they put cheese, ham, eggs or other vegetables in them. The filling of dumplings and Chinese dumplings taste light, need to use the rich flavor of the sauce to complement and complement, so as to complete the perfect combination of taste.

10. Orecchiette

This small and delicate pasta is first mixed with duran wheat flour and high mountain spring water in a specific proportion, and then molded by hand in copper molds to form the lovely pieces of “cat ears”. The soft inside and tough outside of the body has a unique sense of chewing and charming wheat fragrance, whether it is with sauce as a staple food, or add olive oil and other ingredients mixed into a salad as a side dish, are very suitable.