The only and most creative dress in the world

Chanel, Valentino are fine, but some girls have their personal way to get the only and most creative frock in the world. Chris-ShaRee Castlebury, who works at Pat Henry Elementary in Lawton, Oklahoma, just had her unique garment designed by her kids last week.


On the last day of the school year, Castlebury  knew she wanted to do something special to remember each of her precious little scholars.So deciding to combine fun with creativity, she came to work in a plain white dress and asked her little “Precious Picassos” (as she calls them on her Facebook post) to decorate it.Her students obliged, covering the dress with artwork and colorful messages of love.They illustrated all sorts of inventive doodles on the skirt: rainbows and kites, butterflies and bugs, and even a sock monkey makes an appearance.


Castlebury proudly donned the fantastic frock on the last day of class and already plans to make it an annual activity, filling her closet with the dresses year after year.She also  plans on wearing the dress again on the first day of school in the fall, to welcome her new students with a preview of their first grade adventure.


Not only was it an awesome way for the kids to end their school year – it also left Castlebury with a precious keepsake in her closet!