The African Desert Appears White As Snow

Ferrari, oasis, located in the west of Egypt, the desert is a piece of white color rendering, walk into here, may not think that this is a desert, and stood around the cretaceous strata are prominent, looks like a mushroom, but they are also after weathered baptism, just had today.


Standing in the desert for thousands of years, witnessed the transformation, here also to suffer again and again to the baptism of the sandstorm, long weathering make them presents various shape, vivid, after all, have a mushroom stone, seals, etc., different forms, in the not far away, carefully looking for can watch crystal mountain, but because of sand transparency is very high, once abundant sunlight, sand will reflect sunlight, the sand and this time it looks like crystal crystal clear, very beautiful.


If able to get up early, can see the sunrise in the desert, and at sunset is more can understand the “long river down the yen” spectacular scenes, came to the white desert, there are a lot of interesting activities, such as sliding sand, camping at night, the night is growing, the vast stars hanging on the mighty desert is burning for appear empty lonely, if put the tent here, lying down to see the stars, that’s a special experience.


Not only has a beautiful sky accompany, will also sometimes occasional small fox, to beg for a food, but to be safe and comfortable to live in the desert on a night, must consider in advance to the huge temperature difference between day and night, in the daytime the sun is rich, the temperature is high, but in the evening is cool rapidly, ordinary people difficult to adapt to, thus prepare the right amount of firewood night heating is necessary, not only that, green place also need the right choices, if in a sudden sandstorm, can be very dangerous, the white desert like to see?