The Causes And Prevention Of Spring Colds

Reasons for catching a cold in spring:

First: the weather
It is easy to catch a cold in the spring most because of the weather caused, we should know that the spring is to belong to the cold and warm alternate time, especially the alternate season of winter and spring. Then the hot and cold situation will affect the system’s self-regulation, then it is easy to induce a cold.


Second: physical factors
Why to catch a cold easily? Because the constitution is not very good. In the spring weather is changeable, many friends with physical constitution will easily cause diarrhea or the emergence of a cold. Because people with poor health tend to have weak defenses, and the virus is most active in the spring, it is easy to cause a cold.

Third: fatigue factor
Nowadays, the pressure in life and work are extremely great, and many people have a mountain of pressure. So when the pressure is too high, the body will be easy to be too tired, and the body will be too tired immunity will be reduced, then the virus is easy to attack.
Ways to prevent colds in spring:


First: dietary prevention
The best way to prevent a cold is to eat a diet, so in the spring can eat more protein and vitamins, these are conducive to the immune system, let you easily fight the virus, remember to eat less Fried or stimulating food oh.

Second: adjust your schedule
Immunity is extremely important when it comes to colds, and sleep is the best way to boost immunity. So make sure you get seven hours of sleep in the spring, and you’re less susceptible to the virus.