The Design Team Created Environmentally Friendly Shoes That Clean The Air When Walking In Them

The shoe is a kind of sheet that the mankind wears build, its kind and style are very much, because its main effect is the same only, design rises so also do not have much change. But shoes, no matter how they are designed, are designed to make people’s feet more comfortable when they walk. This pair of shoes has another function besides making your feet comfortable. Of course, many people may not think of it, because it can purify the air. What kind of shoes can purify the air?

The shoes, which were created by a group of designers in London, have a distinctive style, with a lot of air bubbles on the soles and a unique upper like those cobwebs woven together.


And said that it has the effect of environmental protection because the sole design a very unique air filtration system, and people put his every step filter will rebound, with the uplifting of the foot to inhale dirty air, but people feet trample down the dirty air inhaled will release the fresh air on shoes at the bottom of the filter, this all have played an important role in purification. The shoes can filter 2.5 litres of air per second, which means that a person walking more than a kilometre can filter eight times the volume of air emitted by a car travelling a mile.

Now, London’s excess carbon dioxide emissions from both transport and factories are making the air worse. Some even predicted even more pollution next year, so the designers came up with the idea of filtering the air by human walking, which is simple, versatile and stress-free.

Designers are taking inspiration from the way our lungs work and applying it to shoes. They are also working on ways to filter PM 2.5 particles and are upgrading shoes.