The Duchess Of CamBridge Paid Tribute To British Workers By Wearing A ‘Rainbow’ During A Video Call

The duke and duchess of Cambridge have continued to carry out their duties as senior members of the royal family during the virus, reaching out via video calls, Internet interviews, providing support to people and charities and sharing their daily lives during their self-imposed quarantine. The couple and their family have been spotted using details to send a positive message more than once, and Kate’s recent wardrobe choices have made fans cry “so thoughtful!”


In this special period, the British people will “rainbow” as a sign of hope, a lot of people and even on the door and Windows to spread hope rainbow, Louis last month was two years old of birthday, the little prince William, Kate to share more than the little prince’s hands face painted rainbow pigment lovely photos, and recently it was found that Kate again using the details showed her “rainbow”.

Attentive royal fans have noticed that the duchess of Cambridge has been wearing bright colours on several recent video calls, with some speculating that she may be using them to send a message. It wasn’t until May 12, when Kate called hospitals around the world in an indigo MIDI by French designer Joseph altuzarra to mark international nurses’ day, that people were surprised to find the duchess was actually “wearing a rainbow”.


According to the British social media accounts “Cambridge mother” pointed out that after the May 12, the duchess in a series of virtual call wear neat all the colors of the rainbow, the account wrote: “we are full of the influence of the duchess has used her dress has a complete information to us, we are here to answer for you.”

When Kate Middleton and prince William “video access through the network for the first time, they with burnley school teacher and the children spoke, then Kate seems began her” rainbow “plan, she was wearing a orange shirt, round collar, this is her only a no visits in British designer clothing.


A few days ago, when Kate was hosting a video conference with William on the work of a mental health charity, she opted for a bright green pullover with a long crew neck. Last week, Kate opted for a £250 red Bennett dress; In an interview with the British press, she wore a 495 yellow silk dress from rey; For the virtual event, Kate wore a pale blue 275 jumper by British designer tabitha webb.

On her ninth wedding anniversary with prince William, Kate hosted a video conference with a charity that helps new mothers. She wore a ’70s-inspired teal jumper by her friend tabitha webb. At the end of last month, when Kate walked out of anmer hall with her family and stood at the door to applaud the workers, she was wearing a purple 129 floral dress from the British company Ghost.


In more than a month of time, she hope it heralds the success of cobble together a rainbow of colors, in this careful measures after be parsed to excited even “crazy”, Kate demonstrate the ideas she wanted to help people cheer up, it is no wonder that the princess will become a new generation of the most popular royals, with her supporters all over the world.