The Emmy Awards Will Be Held In The “Cloud”

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will be presented on September 20, local time, following the announcement of nominations, foreign media reported that this year’s ceremony will be held in the cloud. The Emmys executive producer sent a letter to the nominees and hosts, telling them to “attend” the ceremony at home or elsewhere instead of traveling to Los Angeles.

The letter mentions that the Emmys will build a top team of technicians, producers and writers, with high-quality photography and Zhao’s equipment, and guests will be able to choose whomever and where they want to shoot to create their own unique on-camera moments.


Television producers are still considering how to broadcast the show and whether to inform the winners in advance of a safe live performance.

Streaming platforms have been big winners since the emmys nominations were announced, with Netflix (NFLX) taking 160 nominations, well ahead of no. 2 HBO, and now, in addition to the nominations, the Emmys are moving toward “Internet customization” in the wake of the epidemic.