The First Great Tragedy Of 2016:Hapless Raccoon Dropped His Candyfloss In A Puddle

This is the first great tragedy of 2016!

When we see this raccoon discover a roll of cotton candy lying in the road, we supposed this story is undoubtedly with a happy ending. But, sadly, the poor little guy ended up mystified and bewildered instead.

Raccoons are known for their food washing habits. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  The raccoon doesn’t understand!  You can’t get the cotton candy wet! Ugh.  A sadder sight these eyes have never seen.Then when he frantically searches for it? It literally disappeared right in front of him. And there it is.

Worst part is, nobody can explain to him what happened cause he’s a raccoon. In that initial millisecond he doesn’t quite realize how bad the situation is…until he does. He just thinks some sort of magical power stole his delicious cotton candy out from under him.

Okay,  you’ve gotta admit…life seems pretty good in comparison to that raccoon right now.