The Four Most Parasitic Vegetables

Vegetables are the most common food we buy in our daily life, and they contain a lot of nutrients, so many families have vegetables at every meal.

There are several kinds of vegetables that contain a lot of parasites. If you eat them often, they will do harm to your body. Here are four vegetables that have more parasites. Take a look.


Lettuce is a kind of vegetable that everybody often buys in summer, and the flavour is tastier, nutrition value is taller also. But lettuce needs a lot of rain to grow, so the parasites have a better chance of reproducing. And the parasites in lettuce are very difficult to get rid of, with the usual detergent can not play a role above. So people in daily life do not often buy lettuce, but occasionally eat or can.

2. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is also one of the most common vegetables we see in our daily life, and it is also a particularly helpful vegetable for many people who are trying to lose weight. Cauliflower has a delicious taste and high edible value, so it is welcomed by many consumers. But cauliflower is also particularly susceptible to parasites. Because cauliflower looks like there are holes in the surface, so a lot of people in the cleaning process is often not clean. So it’s very easy to have parasite residues, so it’s best to blanch the cauliflower when you’re eating it.

3. Shepherd’s purse

We may be unfamiliar with shepherd’s purse, but shepherd’s purse on the uterus food of great effect, so shepherd’s purse is also widely used in medicinal materials. But shepherd’s purse is basically no one in the cultivation, most are wild. Wild vegetables, on the other hand, have no one to fertilize them, so the parasites can multiply easily. So people in daily life or buy less of this vegetable.

4. Water bamboo

I believe you are familiar with water bamboo shoots, which are a common vegetable. But the vegetable can easily hide parasites during picking. And if we don’t clean it up when we make it, there will be a lot of bacteria left, and the bacteria will cause a lot of damage when they get into the body.