The Golden Toilet At Churchill’s Residence Attracted 100,000 Visitors, Each Of Whom Could Use Only Three Minutes

The former British prime minister Winston Churchill’s home blenheim palace has been hit by a toilet fire. London’s evening standard reported Thursday that blenheim palace has installed a £1 million 18-karat gold toilet for tourists to use or take selfies. The toilet, which will open in September, will sit opposite the room where Churchill was born. In order to cut down on queuing time, officials have set a limit of three minutes per visitor and have to reserve toilet breaks in advance.


The toilet, designed and made by Italian artist maurizio cattelan, was exhibited at the guggenheim museum in New York in 2016, and about 100,000 people queued for hours to see it. In 2017, the White House treasurer’s office asked the guggenheim gallery for a loan of van gogh’s “snow scene,” but was told it could only lend them the gold toilet. As for whether gold toilets can be stolen, organizers believe that the toilets are made of gold and are easy to detect by security authorities, so they will not be guarded by special personnel.

For £27, you can visit the elegant palaces, gardens, take pictures with the gorgeous toilet and even use it!


Edward spencer-churchill, founder of the blenheim foundation for the arts, told The Times excitedly: “although I was born with a silver key in my mouth, I have never used a gold toilet. I’m looking forward to it!”

But organizers face a serious problem: scheduling. To prevent long queues, officials limit each visitor to three minutes. And, make sure to reserve the use time of the toilet in advance! Do you want to use this golden toilet?