The heartening Parade of Pride London

Every summer in London since 90s has a rainbow-color period when the whole city celebrates the Pride London Carnival. In case the word is not familiar to you, ‘Pride London’ is a revelry which especially amplifying the voice from LGBT populations.


The last Saturday of June is picked as the date for a big parade in memory of the Stonewall Riots which took place in June, 1969. This year, London Pride was held from 10th June to 25th June, and the most colorful parade is definitely the peak of the festival.


People would all dress up with unique clothes and costume, which makes the street shine. As for the route, the procession would cross the Oxford Street and Regent Street in central London. The scene is really beautiful because almost everywhere was decorated with rainbow flags and beautiful flowers, and you can see even the traffic lights were designed specially for the parade.


On the parade, LGBT groups from completely different industries all come to the street and show their happiness in the public, delivering love message to everyone. They all have the same goal of cheering for the diversity in the society and try their best to stimulate equality. Thousands of people would wait along the street and share their passion.


People hold slogans and catchwords to fight for the rights they deserve. One of them said ’Love is a human right’ , another said ’You are all children of God.’

What’s more, not only the LGBT groups enjoy the carnival. You would see representative of Muslim, Jew and refugee joining the parade and express their love too. What’s moving for this year was that many people showed their compassion for Orlando in the parade and appealed for peace.

Of course, teams from big companies with their advertisement booklets would also take the chance to make themselves more famous, and people of different professionals would support the procession with their own teams.


In addition, there are also various activities in two weeks despite the parade, including great performance and seminars. Also, there are the same kind of parade in Canada and America.

The parade is absolutely stunning and moving. When witnessing so many people’s happiness and the smile on their faces, it’s really hard for you to hate or discriminate any groups, because they are all so in love with the world and as human we are all the same. To some extent, it was originated for LGBT rights but now it may serve for a diverse comprehensive society.