The Los Angeles Marathon Started On Schedule With 27,000 Runners

The Los Angeles marathon, scheduled to start on March 8, went ahead despite the confirmation of the 14th new case of pneumonia in Los Angeles county the day before, according to several us media reports.

The Los Angeles times and organizers had predicted about 27,000 runners.


However, local health officials have made some recommendations to ensure the marathon is “safe”. For example, anyone who experiences symptoms of illness should stay at home, people should stay six feet away from each other during the game, do not share food or shake hands, and wash their hands with at least 60 percent alcohol. The advice for runners is similar: wash your hands before the race, don’t shake hands or share food and drinks with other runners and spectators, and the organizers will provide hand sanitizers along the way.


Previously, the Los Angeles marathon’s announcement on March 5 that the event would go ahead caused controversy when it was posted on twitter, an offshore social media platform. Some argue that the event should be cancelled or postponed, that it would be irresponsible to hold it in the shadow of a new coronavirus, but others accept that the marathon will go ahead as planned, that it will “end the panic”.

What do you think of that?