The Male With Longer Life, Generally Have These 6 Commonness, Come To Measure You Whether Also Longevity!

Research shows that men live five to ten years shorter than women. But in everyday life, there are a lot of male longevity, so what do they have in common?

1. Big hips
Scientific studies have found that men with larger hips have lower levels of “bad cholesterol,” which means they are less likely to have a hardening of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, British scientific studies have found that men with fat hips have a lower risk of developing diabetes.


2. Think big
Male, bosom is a few bigger, more the love that attracts a female, also very advantageous to health of body and mind. Qi hurts the liver and the body. As the saying goes, “the liver that gas is painful”, “lung all gas is Fried” wait, it is the harm that says anger to the body! The person with big mind is not easy to lose his temper, everything can be opened, the inner pressure is relatively small. Therefore, the big – hearted boys, the most easy to long life.

3. Small neck circumference
People with thick necks not only look older, they are also very bad for physical and mental health. Scientific research shows that the thicker the neck, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease. A male neck circumference of no more than 39 cm is optimal.

4.Hold your breath for a long time
How long you hold your breath can tell you a lot about how well a person’s lungs function. In medicine, lung capacity is also included in one of the criteria for aging, which suggests that the length of time you hold your breath is also correlated with your life span.


5.Sleep fast
Scientific research has found that many healthy elderly people often have a good quality of sleep. The person that falls asleep quickly, the function such as the function that shows oneself cardiovascular, liver, body metabolism is all normal.

6.Warm hands and feet, strong teeth
Warm hands and feet, strong teeth, good kidney function. Kidney function is fine, kidney gas is abundant, just energy is sufficient. In addition, strong teeth, food materials chew, into the belly, can reduce the burden of the stomach, promote digestion and absorption of the stomach, the digestive tract and the body is very good.