The Miniature Pig Has Been Transformed Into A 350-kilogram Pig With A Separate Bedroom And A Daily Snack

A man who bought a “miniature pig” because his wife was allergic to dogs and cats has been told the animal will never weigh more than 5st but has now grown to 28st.


The man is Sam graham, 57. He bought the miniature pig as a birthday present for his wife nigel five years ago and named it grace. The pig now weighs 28 stone, is five feet long and is as tall as a man. He eats 20 pounds of food a week and has a special bedroom.

Grace is used to enjoying it, often eating jelly pudding or canned peaches and refusing to sleep in a pigsty. Sam is not upset about this, he considers grace as his “third daughter”. Now, the family doesn’t even eat bacon.

When Sam goes to the farm to buy something for grace, he sees his parents. He added: ‘they are about knee high and they eat two meals a day and grace eats three big meals a day. I think that’s why he got so fat. And it works out a lot, so it’s solid.”


Grace also has her own door, which she can enter and leave at will. When the grahams watch TV, he lies on the couch. Nigel said: ‘he often goes out, but not if it’s raining or windy. It is used to material things and likes to stay in a comfortable place, but it is really clean. It’s a member of our family. It’s not like a pig. It’s not different from a dog or a cat. Grace eats three meals a day with pig food, fruit and leftovers from home.”

“Bacon is my favorite food, but since grace joined our family, we don’t eat it anymore because it makes us feel uncomfortable. When people visit our house and don’t know grace exists, their reaction is very funny.”