The Most Expensive River In The World

The reason why the earth is suitable for human survival is that there are a lot of resources underground, and resources are also the most precious things, because most of the resources are not renewable, and we are still constantly excavating, today we are talking about a strange river.

In Canada, it is not known for its water source, and its greatest value is not in the water source, but because there is a lot of gold in the water, which can be retrieved from the river. In fact, gold has been found in the river for a long time, and soon attracted people’s attention, as the news spread, more and more people came here to seek gold.


Moreover, through people’s experiments, it has been found that the gold content in this Yellow River is very high. Even if you just wear a handful of sand, you may also be able to tan out the sands. After so many years of mining, the amount has not been reduced.

But the resources on the earth are limited after all, especially the mining of metal resources, after mining there will be no more, so we still need to pay attention to, after all, there is only one earth, when the resources exhausted that day, we may be the real end of mankind.